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About Us

About Us

We're a husband and wife team with a passion for woodworking and arts & crafts. We're full time workers, full time family raisers, and part time hobbyist which is where our woodworking and arts & crafts come into play. Everything we offer we make in our garage workshop. Most everything we offer is made by hand and made to order, the exceptions are the items with engraving, we had to submit defeat to the quality of the engraving from free hand to computerized.

Our Story

We started back in 2015 when we visited a fair in upstate New York. Walking through the many rows of woodworking crafts we saw a gentleman make a sign using a scroll saw, the sign looked amazing, and he made it look easy, so it began.

The first woodworking tool we purchased was a Ryobi Scroll Saw. We still use it today. They say that the first woodworking tool you buy should be the band saw and they were probably right but we took a different route and it became an addiction. We started making small random signs, beer caddies and wooden bow ties listing them on Etsy but it wasn't enough. Passing by a Rockler one day we decided to stop in to just look at tools and buy some harder to get wood, I saw a CNC machine and told Mrs. Stuck Turtle that we should get it hoping that she would say no so that we wouldn't spend a fortune, we ended up walking out the door with a new CNC machine (and also some cool wood that we never heard of at the time).

The CNC opened up a whole new world of possibilities and for a short while we were satisfied. Eventually the itch grew and we wanted to make things that weren't just engraved and we wanted to do woodworking right. We picked up a jointer from Craigs List and a Porter Cable plainer, we were now working with rough lumber but ran into a problem. Our $150 brand new (at time of purchase many years prior) contractor table saw just wasn't cutting it anymore so it was listed and sold within an hour. In came a new shop worthy table saw and we were now turning rough lumber into cleanly joined pieces of art work. At this point many of the things we were making was just to see if we could make it, challenging our selves each time.

All along the way we've continually refined our woodworking techniques and quality of our products. We continue to make an sell new things not to make a living but to support our addiction to woodworking and our ever growing collection of tools.

Thanks for checking us out.

Also visit us at:
Our Etsy Shop
and our Craft Events page.


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